Who Is Buk Carmichael?

Who is Buk Carmichael?  As I observe the world and all that is in it, I often ask myself this question.  A fading baby boomer, from the latter end of this era of America, I have witnessed great shifts in culture, beliefs and paradigms.  Consider me a byproduct of the pop culture, with an immortal soul, a dismal liberal with a bent on conservative, a repentant sinner with a love for Jesus.  I’m an American; the best of all worlds, within a crumbling one.  I am an honest to goodness living contradiction that came out on the right side of the process.

I observe this world and its contradictions, always in flux, never a dull moment.  My commentary regards the quirky, the inconsistent and the pervicacious.  However unsettled this world seems to me, I have clung to my faith, nurtured my beliefs and honed my point of view.  The truth is out there, and I aim to find it.  Unlike many who opine at the events of the world, both seen and unseen, I hold my thoughts to be the closest thing to the truth.  Yet, the question remains unanswered, “Who is Buk Carmichael?”

Any resemblance to your own life or people in your life is coincidental. Most of these musings are opinion or fiction and ought not be construed to be factual content. The essays may contain some sensitive content. If you are easily offended or emotionally unstable you probably need to read something else.

This blog is a journey along the thoughts of Buk Carmichael’s mind; political…perhaps, religious… most likely, art and culture…eventually.  There are some areas in the life of Buk Carmichael that can only be described as truly mysterious — family.  So this subject may come up from time to time.  All in all life is in flux, always changing, moving along.  This is a slice of time and space to my way back home.  Welcome to my journey.


1 thought on “Who Is Buk Carmichael?”

  1. What’s with the gumballs, Buk?

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